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the feel was grow strong

the feeling was grew strong~
eventhrough, in my dream and every seconf in my life
you will appear in my mind~

it's true^^

i leave my single life in a whole year, because of you i step in those world again~

yesterday, im so happy~
yesternight, im so happy~

becuase of you

i think you will know what am i talking about~

do you know the purpose i go to play "dan dan tang"?
because i want to know what type of game you like~

its not easily to step in your heart

at first, i try to play dota
but dont know how to attack and move the charater==


luckily, im going to play "dan dan tang"
its not a kid game, anymore~
because i love to play it too ^^

today is public holiday, no see you a whole day


last saturday, i was sooo happy
i get the trophy in 义跑~

we're should running above 3 km

i get number 5 in senior girl group.^^
walao~ so surprising le~

but one more thing is some of them said me run short cut!!!
i did not do that la!

you all dont want to believe me never mind
because i really doensn't play cheat in those competition

i'm right!

i love blogging
i love talking

at here, i can release my emotion ~
i love you blog^^

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