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i would like to change my style
but it's look very difficult for me lo

how to said le?

because of my behavior make me look like a kid
even "someone" said too

but this is the purpose make him love me~~

hehe, not bad

maybe it need some time to change it ba^^

good bye re2...

i love tuition there, but im no choice to stop it...

im waiting for the economic turn better, it can make me back to re2 to tuition~

last time, i got number one in re2 examination, the teacher was giving me a nice Tee
i keep in very well and less to wear it

evrytime i saw this tee, i will feel very unhappy, but i shall kept hte emotion...because i dont want to let my parents feel efford and feel sad...

why i love to tuition there?
 i also dont know...even i dont have friends at there
although every time i sit alone to listen teacher teaching, but im still love there...

haiz...very difficult to know some new friend = =

listen! im will be back by some day
i believe it...


im fat???
im thin??


i dont want to be a fat girl ar~~

i miss you my desr~