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/.\ haiz~~~~

tomorrow opening school a
need to pay the book fees==

300 hundred something
because i buy a lot of new books

huh, january no need pay school fees a ???
they did not give us any receipt of school fees lek~~
hoooo~ good > <

before school holiday, teacher give us two red card for DONATE MONEY!!!
what's the hell!

in my father generation they also had give them the red card for donate money, but it's was stop a long long year ago
in our generation they started to call us to find someone to donate money
they want us to find someone to donate 100 hundred ringgit = =

you taugh easily to do ?
haha, no

i taugh all the students will calling their parent to donate the money lo

my two red card are layying on the table
never touch, never take and never see
it just like dissapeared in my world =]


die lo > <
the geo teacher said after chinese new year her will give us a small test
the marks will be add to the monthly test ==

but in the whole holiday i did not do any preparing for the test
because i forget already ahhhh -_-///

huuyoo, later go to do some revision la
i'll try my best~!!!!