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today was the last day of cny for me
it was beccause next tuesday we'll go to school continue studying

it's my today look~

act cool~~ =]

it's nice ??

yesterday night i go through the websites to seach the way to put the False eyelashes into the eyes side
actually, i already tried a lot of times to put inside
but unsucessful TT

i want to buy a new false eyelashes to try again
because, the false eyelashes last year i buy spoil already

makiyo bao suggested me to make my hair to become curly hair
it's suit me???

i never trying before, i decide to make my hair to curly
but, i fightened the curly hair not suit me

the other way my parent now allow me to make my hair to curly when i'm still studying

makiyo said her will discuss with her mother to give me some discount =]

today i reading her blog
i wondered the speed of her changes bf

she can changes bf without a week!
can you all do tat?

for me i won't do that

i know you're cute, beauty and rich
then everybody like you even love you

that's all i want to say...